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To use "Image Lookup" to search by product group image, please click on the “Products” link in the header.  You may also search by clicking on one of the four red links in the rotating carousel right below the header.  In addition, you can click one of the four major Product links directly above this dialogue to commence your search.  All three approaches will take you to the same destination to search by "Image Lookup". 

If none of the search by image approaches are to your liking, there are "Search Boxes" to use and Refine Search opportunities in numerous site locations.  Plus, you can search by your product # in the future just by entering it when you use the site the first few times.  After that, you can search by your part # or use the "Order Now" quick order boxes on the home page below to enter your order using your part #'s. 


To summarize:  The best ways to navigate this site are as follows:  

#'s 1 thru 3 below are referred to as "Image Lookup".

1. Click on the “Products” link in the header.  

2. Click on the highlighted red, hot links in the Carousel.

3. Click on the Product Links above this dialogue.

4. Use the "Search Boxes" throughout the site.  Use basic keywords like "BOLT", "NUT", "WASHER" etc., and then Refine using "Product Group".

5. Use the Refine Search opportunities associated with all search results and scroll down to find exactly what you want.

6. Enter and Search with your own item #’s.

7. Use the "Order Now" quick order box when entering the site.

Please Note:  Although you can search the site using the "Search Boxes", it is a little more difficult and doesn't result in seeing additional information which is available on some products being purchased.  To see all of the available content, please use "Image Lookup".


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